Monday, 2 May 2011

covering letter

Dear sir/madame

   I am currently attending  greenwich university and I am a second year graphics and digital design student. I've previously completed a HND in interactive media and worked as a freelance graphic and web designer in Nottingham before moving to London.

since moving to london I have also work with the student union to create poster and help design the campaign for the universities election campaigns showing my dedication towards my work in and out of university time schedules which I will also channel into the scheme if accepted.
   Id like a to work for your company get a different perspective of what it is like to work as a with a vast array of different people in the industry it would also help me decide my future prospects.
I have have skills in the adobe suite programs and I have have 5 years of experience working in these programs.

Thank you for you time,

Amy McCondach

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